Our services

Lunge riding

The instructor leads the horse on a 4-8-meter lunge.
The instructor stands in the middle, the horse moves around him.
There is constant contact between the horse, the rider and the instructor.

Independent riding

The rider controls the horse according to the trainer's instructions on his own.
If several riders are riding together following a leading rider, it is called class riding.

Country riding

The more experienced riders can explore the surrounding countryside on horseback. Shorter or longer riding (several hours) is available with an instructor.
The beautiful scenery and the sight of the deer and pheasants in the fields provide pleasant recreation in themselves.

Show jumping

The advanced riders, who wish to ride more seriously, have the opportunity to get acquainted with show jumping at a higher level. Our modern riding course provides excellent training opportunities for the members of our club.
In case of competitive riding, we provide the opportunity for registration..