Timpex Kft. and horse-breeding

Further improving the breeding work of 40 years, world-leading studs, colts and foals are found in the stud farm today.
The following studs are found in the mating plans of the mares: Gemini (Gem Twist clone), Emerald, Doble's Cento, I Love You, Corrado, Galoubet A., Addullah, Voltaire, Quid de Revel, For Pleasure, Escudo I., Laptop, Stakkato, Quinar, Griselda, and Weltmeyer.

The stud farm consists of brood mares, foals, and sport horses. Successful sport horses are found among the broodmares - without any claim to completeness of their results. In the Timpex stud farm, the breeding of the Hungarian Sport Horse breed is going on even in these days.


The appearance of the Hungarian Sport Horse (Hungarian Warmblood)

The wither height is 165-170 cm. The primary task and goal of the Hungarian sport horse is to serve as a saddle horse, and be suitable for the show jumping sport. Its head is straight and proportional to its weight. Its forehead is broad; the neck is medium high and well rounded. It has long withers, which reach the back. It back is of medium length, properly muscular, with short tight loin, bulky buttock and arched breast. There may be flawed horses, so the appearance of the animals is checked before they are accepted for breeding. They are most often of chestnut colour, but every other colour is accepted.